"He was a very simple person, Vasudeva, he was no thinker,
but he knew what was essential as well as Gautama did: he was a perfect man,
a saint."

Words of Siddhartha about the ferryman from Herman Hesse's 1922 novel, Siddhartha

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5 step coaching

An overview

I designed the 5 step approach to help clients deepen their understanding of self and create positive change in their lives.

The steps outlined below are representative of only one approach to change and the unfolding of the creative self. Though my method is certainly not definitive, I've included it as a foundation on which to build.

There may be people who prefer to move through the coaching experience somewhat differently, focusing on only Enneagram, for instance, and clients should feel free to tell me if this is the case. For more information, please visit the appointments page.

Step 1: This is the initial Q&A session. I ask clients questions about their lives to learn about their background, and listen to their reasons for having sought a coach. Clients also ask me whatever questions they have at this time.

In this session, I also introduce and suggest the use of tools such as Enneagram (an increasingly popular personality typing tool that contains nine personality types) and Ayurveda (an ancient Indian medicine that translated means 'the science of life,' which features seven bodily types or constitutions), which alone or together can help encourage greater self-realization. These two distinct and timeless schools of thought have the power to bring about lasting and meaningful change, for psychological life and health & longevity.

I'll distribute my own Enneagram and Ayurveda handouts, including in their conclusion, additional resource lists.

Step 2: In step 2, I review with clients what they learned from their introductions to Enneagram and Ayurveda, and discuss how any insight gained might be used to better inform future decision-making. Insight from both schools is likely to be used throughout the coaching process.

Also in step 2, I'll discuss the triad, which is comprised of people's psychological life and health & longevity, as well as their productive life. The triad symbolizes the general flow of this coaching approach. At the center of the triangle is the creative self, the alchemy of psychology and health & longevity that gives rise to a productive life.


The beauty and unity of the elements fed into the triad at its poles begin to be reflected upon in visual representations, stories about people and places, examples of old and new technologies, and so on, that are pulled from the arts, literature, sciences and the imagination to mirror a person's unfolding life story and give clues about their productive life.

At home, clients can begin synthesizing what they've come to understand from the coaching process into creative exercises. These exercises are meant to be stream of consciousness and helpful for instilling a strong sense of self, and of the world around you. They might be a healthy means of self-discovery for those who have yet to unearth the true potential of their creative selves. 

Step 3:
In step 3, at the outset we'll discuss the creative work that was done between sessions to see together what insight can be gleaned from it.

We can discuss dreaming, too, and touch on what some psychologists and spiritual traditions have said about dream interpretation.

We'll explore how ideas continually develop in the mind and body, and focus on 'thought processes.' When seen through people's unique experiences, thought processes can serve as doors to deeper understanding, and result in, and be means to, positive, holistic change. 

At home, clients may write journal entries about their own thought processes and or explore whether or not patterns in their thinking help reveal plans or change they would like to make in the future.

Step 4: In step 4, we'll review the progress a client made while journaling about or simply exploring their thought patterns. We'll then begin to discuss, in greater detail, plans for accomplishing a client's short and long-term, transformative and material goals.

We can consider plans the client has against a backdrop of the holistic model that's evolved from step 2, and our look at the "arc of life." The "arc of life" is a diagram I use to help show the stages of life and explore how a client's plans might best be implemented. 

Because the next step involves the implementation of plans or ideas for a productive life, clients will between sessions bring home guidelines for practicing recommended meditative techniques and exercises. The exercises may be of help to clients by offering a means for remaining grounded and whole, or at peace, going forward.

Step 5:
Armed with a heightened sense of self-awareness, new sources for inspiration, and helpful meditation or yoga exercises, the client is ready to begin implementing his or her ideas, or plans. Depending on the goals set, it could be that plans can be implemented quite quickly with immediate results to show for them, or perhaps considerable groundwork will need to be lain before results become manifest. Maybe the plans a client makes mark the beginning, or a continuance, of a lifelong quest.

Clients for step 5 will be using all of the wisdom they have acquired over the years, in addition to new insight gained from the coaching experience, to embrace change that is authentic.

In order to maintain progress as months and years pass, the client and I will also talk about the importance of renewal; recognizing and listening to intuition and dreams; and staying true to self and vision, with a greater degree of inner-direction.

The final take-home project will involve the client maintaining the same positive energy he or she entered the coaching relationship owning, upon deciding to seek change. Going forward, clients can tap into the resources and tips I've recommended to pursue a whole life that's healthy, enriching, creative, and productive.

If clients would like to schedule further appointments, or have extended Enneagram coaching, they can please let me know. It’s a great idea to continue receiving input from a coach, for as long as it’s helpful.


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