there is a soul
within your soul
seek it out
there is a treasure
in your mountain
seek it out
a mystic in motion
if that's what you are
don't seek out there
seek inside

A poem by Rumi translated by
Nader Khalili
in Rumi,
Dancing the Flame


photo by Ian Britton @

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On seeking change

The changes people may seek can include -
  • Finding greater fulfillment in life

  • Developing spirituality

  • Creating a lifestyle that is healthy and easier to sustain (Ayurveda helps with this)

  • Gaining practical insight about 'self', as well as the selves of others (Enneagram helps with this)

  • Forming new relationships and strengthening old ones

  • Living more confidently and consciously by nurturing the creative self
  • Bringing greater perspective to home, work or school life

  • Becoming organized and at peace
  • Developing strategies for meeting a specific challenge or making it through a difficult time
  • Making time and space in a busy life for breakthroughs to occur that may lead to innovative insights; scientific, spiritual, or artistic discoveries; and important solutions in personal and professional lives
  • Experiencing a paradigm shift in thinking that leads to the ability to make giant leaps in life, such as starting a business; going back to school; charting a new course in volunteerism; or growing a family
  • Becoming a more loving and caring family person, friend, partner, co-worker, & pet owner!
  • Heightening personal appreciation of the natural world and its countless sources of inspiration

No matter what the goal, my coaching approach is intended to help clients realize authentic change that will produce positive results. I aim to assist in making the transformative process both enjoyable and manageable. 

Helpful hints on seeking change -

Changes people seek will vary widely and depend on timing, place, and circumstance

Changes can be subtle and more pronounced

Change can involve making a radical shift in direction, or simply finding greater direction

Any authentic change will be equal to transformative change on some level

Change by its nature can be less than straightforward. A desired effect may call for a different set of actions than a person seeking change originally plans to take

People are empowered when they can decide for themselves what changes are ultimately going to be best for them; this is why self-realization and being informed are so important

Sometimes a change one desires to see in the world can be the root of a life-long quest

The small steps people take to reach short and long-term goals to resolve immediate and manageable concerns, issues, and crises are important

It's natural to have more than one goal of change in mind. Sometimes what seem like separate aims actually fit underneath the umbrella of one exceptional aim, paradigm shift or awakening 

Change occurs internally and externally. And change, even subtle, can manifest as a tremendous source for growth, insight and love




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