'Forest, at one level, means the world. It includes the whole creation. You are also part of that forest. It is not that you are outside the forest. You can reorder it, but you cannot be outside it.'

A quote from Banwari, the Indian editer, borrowed from Ranchor Prime's Vedic Ecology.

Bridge in forest

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Scheduling appointments

Appointments are by phone and the initial meeting is always free.

To set up an appointment time, or if you have a question, please send an email to yashahusain@gmail.com

Scheduled appointments are usually an hour, to an hour and a half, long. They're done over the phone and I use email to distribute a variety of materials, including articles, book excerpts, book lists and links to websites, and general information about people and places.

There's a great amount of flexibility in terms of how many appointments a client schedules. While it's recommended each client do at least five sessions to cover the five steps, these sessions can be spaced out over weeks or months. That is, each step can be done in one or more sessions.

With the added flexibility, clients can choose their own pace.*

Prior to, or at, the first session, I'll review a coach's agreement and ask that it be signed before the coaching relationship begins. The agreement defines appropriate parameters for the coaching relationship and follows the ethics and guidelines of the International Federation of Coaches.

Clients may stop the coaching relationship at any time, or if I feel a client would perhaps be better served by a different coach, I may suggest he or she seek someone else with whom to work.

If there are additional questions about the coaching approach I use, again, please feel free to contact me.

*Enneagram can also become the focus of multiple sessions if a client prefers to learn primarily about this personality typing technique, which has ancient roots and is extremely effective in coaching.























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